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New Boats

New Boats

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  • Sale! $82,250.00 $79,700.00

    2019 Silver Streak 18′-6″ Challenger Hard Top

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  • Sale! $95,100.00 $92,000.00

    2019 SILVER STREAK 18’6″ Gambier Cabin

    Made popular by “island folk”, the Silver Streak Cabin model is a great craft for colder climates and inclement weather. An enclosed cabin with a solid aluminum bulkhead offers complete protection from the elements. The lockable cabin is perfect for securing belongings while moored or parked, and this craft can be left out in all weather conditions. This model is an excellent commuter on the waterways - so load up with groceries, friends and family and get to your destination at any time of the year! As with all of our vessels, these cabins are safe and built to last.
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  • Sale! $122,200.00 $118,000.00


    Based on the Renfrew cabin hull with its extensive features, the Bowen adds the extra security of an enclosed locking cabin. With more space you can really stretch out your legs and carry people in comfort. A walk-thru option makes bow access and anchoring easy, and an all weather self-bailing deck takes care of excess rain water. Put some kayaks on the roof, and go exploring or fishing in any weather!
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  • Sale! $146,000.00 $141,000.00


    The Silver Streak ‘Phantom’ Special Edition is our “25 years in business" model and is proving to be a huge success! Designers took the Renfrew hull and completely reconfigured the cabin and added a comfortable cuddy. With sleeping quarters and an optional head there is no hurry to get home. This particular design answered the need of a small and trailerable sized boat with "big boat" amenities and without the big fuel and moorage expenses. The sleek contoured lines and remodeled hard-top with a one-piece hull make the design of this boat stand out both in functionally and style.
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